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My story

A wife, a mother, a veteran, a college graduate, teacher, student, giver, course creator and a stay at home mom; I’ve worn all of these hats; many at the same time. Some of which shaped my life in a positive way, and many of which pushed me to continue and strive for more.
I started as a high school graduate wanting money for college and not wanting to burden my family with unaffordable college expenses. Soon I realized after self-supporting my way through college that I wanted and needed to do more. After completing two years at the University I joined the US Army as an Information Systems Analyst. 

My job as a systems analyst taught me everything from building computers, to networking, to managing server databases, and managing video tele-conferences. My training, travels, service took me all over the world to places like France, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Austria, Turkey, Kuwait, Iraq, Poland, Germany, and the Czech Republic to name a few. I met many people, trained and led soldiers through war and peacetime, and was awarded for my ability to create processes and training modules that helped in readiness operations, training procedures, mission essential guidance. 

After serving 8 honorable years, 6 years and a re-enlistment; I decided to end my term of service; I was actually stationed in Iraq at the time.
Once separating from the military, I set out to finish the schooling that I started and graduated with a BA and eventually an MBA. I also started the family I always wanted and had a daughter, now 12 and two sons ages 2.5 and 4 and became a full-time mom to my children. 

Most people don’t know that after the birth of my two sons, I fell into postpartum depression I decided to take classes outside of the home to help. I committed to drive more than 45 minutes one way each week to the thing that would eventually save my life. After countless hours of training I had obtained all of the certificates and training that I could and I gained the confidence enough to start an in-home business and eventually partnered with a bakery to teach classes. My technological and business background allowed me to come up with a step-by-step process for teaching and training others on the art of cookie decorating that would eliminate the guesswork of what’s next, the waiting to find out when the next class would be and if it is something that would be of benefit, and the scheduling inconsistencies. I wanted to create something that was easily accessible, organized, streamlined and efficient. 

I’ve been teaching cookie decorating now for two years both online and in person and I feel like I have created that course. Let me help you take the fear, guesswork and physical or psychological barriers away to help you achieve your goal, whether to provide extra money for your family, or just to create a hobby for you psychological well-being.
I am here to empower you to be successful in your craft. I have helped hundreds of individuals learn the techniques to expand their offerings in confectionery businesses and I can help you too to learn the pitfalls to avoid, common practices, trade secrets, and product selection myths demystified.

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